Patna Please Don't Honk...

Patli Urbanocrats has started its first campaign to educate people in social media over honking problem. Honking is one of the major traffic problem in Patna even being a capital of Bihar. Even many time visitors from other country also criticized about this behavior of us.
Since in current scenario, social media is playing a major role behind various campaign around the world being independent. Hence, Patli Urbanocrats has chosen "Lets Educate Online" method, means using social media for eradication of Honking in the people of Patna on the name Patna Please Don't Honk...

Campaign 1: Patna... Please Dont Honk... (पटना... कृप्या हॉर्न न बजाओ...)

In current scenario of Patna Traffic, it is very common that people are use to of honking without reason. They never think that what honking can give us. They never think, whether they can be out from the traffic jam due to their honking or not. They never think about the consequences due to honking on them and others, they just start honking without any reason.
To make people aware about honking problem Patli Urbanocrats has started its online campaign via Facebook Page :

पटना ट्रेफिक के आज कल के समय में, बेवजह अपने गाड़ी का हॉर्न बजाना बहुत ही आम बात हो चली है। ये लोग कभी यह नहीं सोचते की हॉर्न बजाने से हमें क्या मिलने वाला है। यह कभी नहीं सोचा जाता कि हॉर्न बजाने से क्या वो ट्रेफिक जाम से निकलते क्या? वो इस हॉर्न बजाने का परिणाम भी ना जानते, वे जानते है तो सिर्फ बेवजह हॉर्न बजाना।
बेवजह हॉर्न बजाने की इस आदत को बदलने के लिए पाटली अर्बनोक्रैट्स ने एक ऑनलाइन कैम्पेन फेसबुक के माध्यम से चालू किया है: