Articles are invited for Patliavadana

Patli Urbanocrats is pleased to announce that it is going to publish August Edition of Patliavadana. Patliavadana is an open platform for getting your views published based on your experiences, your work, your opinion and many more what you have so that people can learn from you, about you. You can send the article on the topics:
a. Social Issues
b. Technical
c. Tourism
d. Rural Issue
e. Social Changes
f. Urban
g. Painting on Social Issues (JPEG/PNG format)
and even many more if you think you need to be listen by society/world.
So do hurry, send your article to our email with self declaration that you own the all right and the article is not copied from elsewhere. You can ask your friends, family members, co-workers, associates to write for us and get heard.


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